Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reading Street, You Will Not Defeat Me!

Anyone else use Reading Street? We just picked up the 2012 version for next year and like I mentioned before, I attended a training on it. Depending on when I think about it, sometimes it seems manageable and other times it seems really overwhelming. Right now, I'm just taking baby steps.  I put up my concept board today and have been working on typing up all the Big Questions and Questions of the Week. I used my Cricut to make the headers they'll go under. I thought someone out there might want these for their concept board as well so I've put them up in my TPT store.
These are for the latest version of Reading Street for the 3rd grade. Click the links below to download these resources for free:
Big Questions
Questions of the Week

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  1. My school system began using Reading Street last year. It has it's pros and cons. I'm switching grade levels so I feel like I'm back where I started with the planning and trying to figure out each unit. Thanks so much for the freebies. They will be a big help!

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