Monday, April 2, 2012

Bulletin Boards to Celebrate Sleeping In!

You know it's spring break when you accidentally stay up until the early hours of the morning (4am, I haven't seen you in so long!) and then don't get up until lunchtime.  Ahhh, I miss being able to sleep whenever I want!  I'm a night owl, so on Saturday night (only night 2 of break) I found myself up at 4 am.  I hadn't even noticed what time it was because I was so focused on what I was doing.  How's that for a transformation? LOL

Anyway, have you seen my new banner?  Look up!  My nice sister designed that for me.  Don't go spreading the word about how nice she is though, because it would have been even nicer if I didn't have to pay for it! :) She's a graphic designer and just can't stand to see things uncutesyfied.  (Yes, I do believe I just made up a word!)  I think it turned out so well! 

The hubby will be home TOMORROW so I still have laundry I need to finish, but other than that, the house is ready for him.  Can't believe these past few months of heartbreak are finally over!

On a teaching note, I've added another cute project to my TPT store.  It's a fun graphic organizer for kids to fill out as 'Student of the Week' or for open house night.  My favorite part is the 'This is what my backpack looks like!' section where students can color the blank bag to make it look like their own.

Just because it's spring break doesn't mean I haven't been perusing pictures of bulletin boards online.  So, to give a fix to those other addicts out there, here are some cute ones I've run across lately.  You can find all the actual sites they come from by checking out my Classroom Decor, Bulletin Boards & Misc. board on Pinterest.

'Look How Much We've Grown'
Students write what they can do now on paper plates which are the center of their flowers/bugs.

What a cute door display for an ocean-themed room!
I've seen this one all over Pinterest and for good reason!  It's amazing!
The elephant might take some time to create, but the rest would probably be pretty easy.
This one made me smile. How cute!
Very pretty and I assume the kids would help with the butterflies.
The Lorax is my fav Seuss book and what's great about this display is that you can use it with other Seuss books as well!
I celebrate Mardi Gras every year with a king cake for my students. (My family heritage is Cajun.) This would be a cute door display.  The creator also says she just has the faces laminated and they change the masks/hats for each holiday.  Cute!
Who doesn't love this book?  A cute fall board.
Ok, well that's about it for today.  Believe it or not, I've actually got some errands I need to run today.  I liked how this list of bulletin boards worked out.  Maybe I'll start adding posts like this based on theme.  That might be more helpful, I'd think.
Thanks for stopping by!

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